Triple Crown 2024 Racing Dudes Fantasy League Update (2024)

Each week, get the standings, power rankings, andrecent transactions for every Racing Dudes Triple Crown Fantasy League team.

Not only will you see the latest claims in the league (which will show you what horses might be up-and-coming), but you will also get updates on the runners as they prepare for their next starts.

Which Triple Crown Fantasy League team is in 1st after the unclaimed Seize the Grey stole top points by winning the Preakness Stakes (G1)?

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Current Triple Crown Fantasy League Standings

RankTeam Score Current Team Members
1Geist301Muth, Air of Defiance, Stronghold, Dimatic, Mystik Dan
2Kelby/Evil Steveil 265Fierceness, Catching Freedom, Hall of Fame, Snead, Just Steel
3Actual Double D's 196Knightsbridge, Track Phantom, Forever Young, Endlessly, Otello
4Jared Welch130Conquest Warrior, Coach Prime, Timberlake, Imagination, Mindframe
5Dan/Michael 125Sierra Leone, Book'em Danno, Bergen, Rocketeer, Maymun
6Vinny Blond 60Dornoch, Domestic Product, Just a Touch, Seize the Grey, Resilience
7Double D's 56Nysos, The Wine Steward, Carbone, Moonlight, Amante Bianco
8Shotty/Davey 24Common Defense, Liberal Arts, Otto the Conqueror, Deterministic, Real Men Violin
9Magic Mike Show 22Parchment Party, Honor Marie, Encino, Tuscan Gold, First World War
10Aaron Halterman -18Speak Easy, Merit, Antiquarian, Wynstock, Who Dey
11Jon/Ryan-34Nash, Tuscan Sky, Hades, Thorpedo Anna, Born Noble

Recent Claims

We have TWO claims to announce this week.

  • In a 2-way-shake: Vinny CLAIMED Seize the Grey and DROPPED Scatify
  • Jon/Ryan CLAIMED Thorpedo Anna and DROPPED Victory Avenue

Power Rankings

The Power Rankings feature teams’ odds to win the Triple Crown Fantasy League, as well as an update on every horse on each team. Here we go:

1. Geist (2/5)

  • Muth – He scratched out of the Preakness Stakes (G1), giving another team a chance to gain valuable points, but none took advantage.
  • Air of Defiance – This solid maiden winner has not worked since November 3.
  • Stronghold – He ran decently well but couldn’t make an impact in the Kentucky Derby (G1).
  • Dimatic – This horse closed out the Oaklawn meet with an allowance victory.
  • Mystik Dan – BOOM! The Kentucky Derby (G1) winner ran second in the Preakness Stakes (G1).

2. Kelby/Evil Steveil (4/5)

  • Fierceness – He did little running in the Kentucky Derby (G1) as the favorite. Can he rebound by winning the Belmont Stakes (G1)?
  • Catching Freedom – He ran well in the Kentucky Derby (G1) to get fourth, then raced a solid third in the Preakness Stakes (G1).
  • Hall of Fame – He did very little running in the Louisiana Derby (G2).
  • Snead – This horse was a solid second in the Gun Runner Stakes at Fair Grounds but has trouble staying on the work tab.
  • Just Steel – He was injured in the Preakness Stakes (G1) and is now retired.

3. Dan Waite and Michael Ossen (OFF)

  • Sierra Leone – He was just a touch too late & finished second in the Kentucky Derby (G1). He should be the favorite in the Belmont Stakes (G1).
  • Book’em Danno – He ran huge in the Saudi Derby (G3) to finish second behind Forever Young but is now missing.
  • Bergen – He did little running in a recent stakes race.
  • Rocketeer – He failed to win a Keeneland allowance in his 3-year-old debut.
  • Maymun – He missed his scheduled start in the Santa Anita Derby (G1). Someone get the milk carton…he’s missing.

4. Actual Double Ds (Paul “Free Bears” Withrow) (OFF)

  • Knightsbridge – This solid debut winner was equally impressive against Gulfstream Park allowance horses. Stakes company should be next.
  • Track Phantom – He set the pace but faded in the Kentucky Derby (G1).
  • Forever Young – He was a heartbreaking third in the Kentucky Derby (G1).
  • Endlessly – He finished in the middle of the pack in the Kentucky Derby (G1).
  • Otello – He was a total no-show in the Jeff Ruby Steaks (G3).

5. Jared Welch (OFF)

  • Conquest Warrior – He was a complete disappointment in the Florida Derby (G1), finishing fourth.
  • Coach Prime – We haven’t seen him since finishing third in December’s Los Alamitos Futurity (G2).
  • Timberlake – The Rebel Stakes (G2) winner was fourth in the Arkansas Derby (G1) and is now missing.
  • Imagination – He did no running at all in the Preakness Stakes (G1).
  • Mindframe – The newest member of the team dazzled with a nice allowance win at Churchill Downs. Stakes action should be next.

6. Vinny Blond (OFF)

  • Domestic Product – He did little running in the Kentucky Derby (G1).
  • Dornoch – He did little running in the Kentucky Derby (G1).
  • Just a Touch – He did little running in the Kentucky Derby (G1)… as in he finished LAST.
  • Seize the Grey – The newest member of the team will try to make it three in a row in the Belmont Stakes (G1).
  • Resilience – He did little running in the Kentucky Derby (G1).

7. Double Ds (Doc Tang and Doc Miranda) (OFF)

  • Nysos – The Robert B. Lewis Stakes (G3) winner scratched out of the San Felipe Stakes (G2) and will likely miss the Triple Crown trail.
  • The Wine Steward – He was a nice second in the Lexington Stakes (G3) and then a poor second in the Peter Pan Stakes (G3).
  • Carbone – He was recently second in the Hot Springs Stakes.
  • Moonlight – He moved back to turf and still lost.
  • Amante Bianco – He could do no better than second in a recent race in Japan.

8. The Magic Mike Show (OFF)

  • Parchment Party – He’s out until God knows when with a minor issue.
  • Honor Marie – He had an awful trip in the Kentucky Derby (G1) to finish eighth.
  • Encino – He’s injured and will miss the rest of the Triple Crown season.
  • Tuscan Gold – He lost all chance at the start of the Preakness Stakes (G1).
  • First World War – His recent race was cancelled leaving his next start up in the air.

9. Shotty and Davey (OFF)

  • Common Defense – The newest member of the team couldn’t hit the board in the Louisiana Derby (G2).
  • Liberal Arts – He did little running in all three of his 2024 starts.
  • Otto the Conqueror – He sucks.
  • Deterministic – He did nothing in the Wood Memorial Stakes (G2) and then nothing again in the Peter Pan Stakes (G3).
  • Real Men Violin – He also sucks.

10. Aaron Halterman (OFF)

  • Speak Easy – LOL…is missing again.
  • Merit – LOL…
  • Antiquarian – This team’s MVP won the Peter Pan Stakes (G3) and is now heading to the Belmont Stakes (G1). If he runs in the race he might keep this team out of last.
  • Wynstock – LOL…he might be the worst stakes winning horse of all time.
  • Who Dey – He ran ok but could not hit the board in the Pat Day Mile (G2).

11. Jon White and Ryan Stillman (OFF)

  • Nash – He ran well but could do no better than second in the Pat Day Mile Stakes (G2).
  • Tuscan Sky – He did little running in the Wood Memorial Stakes (G2).
  • Hades – He did very little running in the Lexington Stakes (G3).
  • Thorpedo Anna – The newest member of the team might try the Belmont Stakes (G1) next.
  • Born Noble – No works since March 1 means this horse probably has some issues.

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Triple Crown 2024 Racing Dudes Fantasy League Update (2024)


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