Prepare for Wildland Fire Season – Benton County Fire District 4 (2024)

Officials investigate RV fire in West Richland | News |– May 23, 2024

Officials investigate RV fire in West Richland | Fox 11 Tri Cities Fox 41 Yakima– May 23,2024

Benton County Fire District 4 maintains tax rates, not seeking an increase for 2024– Apple Valley- May 8, 2024

Protect your home: create a defensible fire space as advised by officials– Apple Valley News- April 5, 2024

Benton County firefighters emphasize defensible home spaces for spring wildfire prevention – KEPR- Wed, April 3rd 2024

Enjoy coffee and ice cream with first responders on Feb. 22 in Richland NBC Right Now – February 10, 2024

Celebration of Life for BCFD4 lieutenant scheduled for Feb. 19 NBC Right Now – February 7, 2024

Benton County Fire District #4 Burn Awareness Week KHQ News – February 21, 2024

Burn prevention education could save someone from a potential and painful burn accident. NBC Right Now – February 21, 2024 / FOX 28 – February 21, 2024

The Badger Mountain Trail will now be fitted with an ‘AED’ Wednesday Apple Valley News – February 20, 2024

22nd Annual Food Drive by Benton County Fire District 4 to help those in need begins
Apple Valley News Now – November 29, 2023

‘Perfect storm.’ How West Richland fire levy got left off tax statements, what’s next
Tri-City Herald – April 10, 2023

EMS funding delayed for Benton County Fire District 4
KEPR – April 6, 2023

$500,000 missed in Benton County Fire District 4’s EMS budget for this year
Nonstop Local – April 6, 2023

‘It’s unacceptable’ | Clerical error leaves Benton Co. Fire District 4 almost half a million short on funding
Yaktrinews – April 5, 2023

Events in and around the valley this weekend
Tri-City Herald – March 24, 2023

Donors are lined up, but insurance snafu delays Tri-City firefighter’s transplant
Tri-City Herald – March 14, 2023

Local Firefighters taking part in Seattle’s Annual Stair Climb competition
KEPR- March 12. 2023

Are you ready for a possible power outage?
FOX41 – February 5, 2023

West Richland firefighter’s childhood friend could be a match for a kidney donation
NonStop Local – January 27, 2023

‘The big ask, big give.’ Longtime West Richland firefighter in desperate need of a donor
Tri-City Herald – December 23, 2023

BCFD #4 hosts 21st annual ‘Operation Candy Cane’ food drive
Yaktrinews – December 9, 2023

BCFD #4 looks to hire three EMT-firefighters as levy lid lifts
Yaktrinews – December 6, 2023

Benton County fire district 4 invites the public to budget discussions
KNDO-TV – October 13, 2022

Benton County Fire District No. 4 thanks voters for support and other Herald letters
Tri-City Herald – August 22, 2022

Mother-daughter duo share professions and passion for fighting fires
ABC News – August 12, 2022

‘My biggest idol:’ Tri-Cities mother and daughter firefighters reunite at Cow Canyon wildfire
KAPP-TV – August 11, 2022

EMS levy ‘absolutely critical’ to keep some emergency services in Benton County
KVEW-TV – August 1, 2022

Fire leaders ask community to consider levy lid lift for EMS services
KEPR-TV – July 30, 2022

Benton County Fire District 4 urges community preparedness ahead of wildfire season
KXLY-TV – June 20, 2022

Tri-City Herald – May 28, 2022

Benton County Fire District #4 looking to raise levy lid; looking for community feedback
KEPR-TV – March 15, 2022

Benton County Fire District #4 holding their 20th Annual Operation Candy Cane
KEPR-TV – December 8, 2021

Tri-City Herald – November 3, 2021

Benton County Fire District #4 gets infrared drone for ‘eye in the sky’ capability
KEPR-TV – May 25, 2021

Benton County Fire District reminds community about life jacket loaner stations
KEPR-TV – May 19,2021

​Letter from Vol. Firefighter Jon Lucas
Tri-City Herald – July 3, 2020

Tri-City Herald – Feburary 20, 2020

​​Letter: Fire District 4 Thanks Community
Tri-City Herald – November 5, 2019

Tri-City Herald – August 15, 2019

Another mobile home without smoke alarms burns. Sheriff plans door-to-door visits
Tri-City Herald – August 16, 2019

National Diversity and Inclusion Program Departments Announced–
July 30, 2019

Southeastern Washington firefighters prepare for wildfire season
KVEW-TV April 10, 2019

Firefighters jump into frigid waters to train for rescues
KEPR-TV March 26, 2019

Wildfire season: Scientists forecasting hot, dry spring in Pacific Northwest
​KEPR-TV – March 24, 2019

They help protect our community. Now they need community’s help
Tri-City Herald

Learn the process of becoming a volunteer firefighter for Benton County
Tri-City Herald – March 24, 2019

Here’s where new fire stations are coming for the Tri-Cities
​​Tri-City Herald – November 28, 2018

Two local fire chiefs share personal stories in support of proposed bond, levy
NBC Right Now – July 17, 2018

Letter: 17 minutes too long
​Tri-City Herald – July 17, 2018

Fire chief fields unusual questions about ballot measure
NBC RightNow – June 21, 2018

Letter: Fire District 4 pleased with turnout
​​Tri-City Herald – June 15, 2018

Meet Mike’s Life Savers: Richland pastor shares gratitude after suffering cardiac arrest
KEPR TV – May 16, 2018

Wildfire Season: Here’s how you can protect your home
KEPR-TV May 15, 2018

Community leaders become firefighters for a day
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business – March 23, 2018

Our Voice: Fire districts need money so they can get to you faster
Tri-City Herald – March 20, 2018

Local fire department sends gear to New York teen battling cancer
KVEW-TV March 15, 2018

Letter: Info meetings set for fire district bond
Tri-City Herald March 7, 2018

Benton County Fire District 4 rallying neighbors in support of 2018 bond
KEPR-TV February 19, 2018

A 17-minute wait for an ambulance is too long, Benton fire district says
Tri-City Herald February 18, 2018

Area firefighters suiting up and climbing for a cause
KEPR-TV February 4, 2018

Benton County Fire asking voters to help fund a new fire station
KVEW-TV February 5, 2018​

Prepare for Wildland Fire Season – Benton County Fire District 4 (2024)


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