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FREE Download Gravity Forms v2.5.9.3 Plugin + Addons is a Form Builder WordPress plugin used originally for contact forms, but in a more general sense, it allows site owners to create forms to collect information. Gravity Forms can be used for contact forms, WordPress post creation, calculators, employment applications and more.

Written in PHP, Gravity Forms uses many WordPress built-in functions and features to power its Form Builder. It also uses the same MySQL database system as WordPress, but stores all forms and entries in its own tables.

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One of the most popular plugins in the world of WordPress is the professional Gravity Forms plugin, which helps you create a variety of formats. Gravity Forms provides you with the ability to create a form with custom fields and place it on your site. This plugin is known as one of the most powerful WordPress plugins.

This plugin owes its high popularity to its great features. Gravity Forms is compatible with WordPress versions and is executable.

This plugin helps webmasters to get the form they want in the shortest possible time and to be able to create a form according to the needs and tastes of themselves and their users. In fact, people can customize the form in this plugin.

Gravity offers us many opportunities to create a variety of forms. It is possible for anyone to use this plugin because the settings panel of this plugin is completely Persian and straightforward. This plugin allows its users to take full advantage of its features.

In this plugin, we are able to create any form with any content we like with just a few simple clicks and use it on our site.

Gravity Forms plugin Features

In this plugin, you will be able to create various forms with the desired fields, and you will also be able to choose the color of the form. In general, the appearance of the forms you create is completely in line with your opinion.

One of the things we need to pay close attention to in the forms on our site is the fields we want to put in the forms we have. This plugin allows us to select and place all the fields in the form designed by us. This means that we have the ability to completely customize this import to our own forms.

Ability to create forms with various colors and fonts

Apart from the fact that we have to provide a form with appropriate content to our users, the appearance of these forms is also very important for our users. Having a beautiful shape with the right color harmony with the eye site attracts our users.

In this plugin, the coloring of our forms is done by our choice, and we can consider any type of color for our own forms. This color may be chosen to suit the site, or it may be entirely our personal taste.

Another thing that makes our forms beautiful is the choice of attractive and legible fonts. One of the strengths of this plugin is that we can consider any font we like for our site.

Of course, by default, this plugin also has themes with a wide variety of color schemes that we can use for our site.

FREE Download Gravity Forms v2.5.9.3 Plugin + Addons Based on the above, we can customize the smallest details in this plugin. But the thing that makes this plugin more attractive is that we can see the changes we make all the time, and if we want to apply those changes. This helps us in editing the forms and makes us make better decisions in this area.

Gravity Forms v2.5.9.3 Plugin + Addons (FREE Download) - XterNull (1)

Create unlimited forms With Gravity Forms !

Gravity Forms (Final Version) + All Addons This plugin allows us to create various forms with any type of design indefinitely. How to place and design these forms all depends on our taste or their fit with our site. Designing these forms is easily possible for everyone, and we don’t need any programming or skills in this area.

We can design any form with any type of placement just by dragging and dropping exclusively for our site and get an output as an Excel file from it. The filters that this plugin has provided for the forms prevent the wrong forms from being recorded.

The grout function is very simple and convenient, and anyone can create attractive forms with this plugin without the need for special skills. In fact, in general, customization of forms is done only by dragging and dropping. You will implement your mental image on the forms in a few minutes and achieve an ideal form for your site.

Ability to set time limits for forms

Gravity Forms Addons This plugin allows you to schedule your own forms so that the user is able to fill out the form at a specific time. In fact, with this feature, you can limit your users to time.

Ability to create multi-page forms with group format

One of the features of the Gravity Forms plugin is the ability to create multi-page forms. In fact, you can create forms for your site that the user wants to complete step by step. Of course, this plugin shows the status of each stage and what stage the user is in now, and the user can see the general process of filling out the form.

Free Download Gravity Forms plugin also has ready-made forms that you can easily use. Of course, in these forms, you also have the opportunity to make changes and then use the new form on your site.

In addition to ready-made formats, this plugin provides a variety of tools for editing forms for its users. The Gravity Forms plugin provides you with a variety of fields, such as standard, advanced, pricing, and text submission fields. Each of these fields has unique features that are easily accessible to you. These fields make it easy to use this plugin and help you to create a variety of forms in a very limited time.

Another feature of this plugin is sending emails to people after completing the form on the site. This means that after the relevant form is filled in by the user, an email containing the confirmation of filling out the form will be sent to each person you specify. This person can be the customer or the site administrator, and so on.

Some other features of Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms gives us countless possibilities, for example, we can use this plugin to consider tulips for the formats we design. We also have the ability to customize the captcha for our forms, but this plugin even allows us to customize the form captcha, and we can customize the color and background or the number of captcha characters and much more.

In addition to the above, this plugin fully supports lightboxes, and we do not have any problems using them.

In this plugin, there are many features for our forms and site, for example, we can make it possible for our user to be directed to a separate page after filling out the form completely. Or a special text for it to be displayed. (Free Download Gravity Forms Addons)

Contrary to what has been said, this plugin is optimal and SEO does not cause any problems for our site. This plugin increases the SEO of our site and the number of visitors to our site. This plugin also has the ability to import information, in addition to all the above, this plugin has many other features that after installing it, we can use all of them in full.

Gravity Forms is Responsive

Many of our users use smartphones to log in to our site, and we need to keep in mind that if our site can display our content properly, not only will more users be attracted to our site, but users will be more satisfied. It increases a lot.

The Gravity Forms WordPress plugin also has a lot of power in this case and can display our site formats well on any device. This plugin is completely responsive and we can use this plugin with ease.

After designing various and attractive forms for the site, it is time to show how these forms are displayed on smart devices. It is true that the design and content of the forms are very important, but the fact that the correct display of these forms is also very important should not be underestimated.

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How to Install ?

  1. Go to Plugins >> Add New
  2. On top of the page, click Upload Plugin button
  3. If you have a plugin in a .zip format, click on Choose File button
  4. Select the ZIP file from your computer
  5. Click Install Now button
  6. Wait for a few seconds for WordPress to complete the installation

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    Gravity Forms v2.5.9.3 Plugin + Addons (FREE Download) - XterNull (2024)


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