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Atari 400 Mini Puts 8-Bit Atari Emulation in a Miniature Case Resembling the Outfit’s 1979 Gaming PC

While Atari is still best known for the 2600 VCS, their groundbreaking home console, they also released what’s...


Ayaneo Retro Mini PC AM02 Gets NES-Inspired Case and a Four-Inch External Touchscreen

While Ayaneo is best known for their PC-based gaming handhelds, they also make mini-PCs and various computing accessories....


The Best MagSafe Wallets to Help Streamline Your Daily Essentials

The introduction of MagSafe brought a lot of cool things to the iPhone, from more intuitive wireless charging...


Monoblocc Monitor Rig Transforms the VESA Mount into an All-in-One Dock to Hold Your Webcam, Mic, Lights, and More

VESA mounts are great, standardizing the way TVs and monitors are mounted, so you can use the same...


Flipper Video Game Module Turns the Hacking Tool Into a Gaming Handheld

The Flipper Zero has been around for three years now, but it seems to finally be getting its...


Zacuto MicroBOOM Mounts a 35-Inch Long Boom Mic on Your Camera

Boom mics are great, allowing you to place your microphone directly over your subjects and keep it there...


The Best Laptops for Photo Editing

If you’re a photographer, a big part of your time is probably spent hunching over a computer while...


Edelkrone Tripod X Can Automatically Level Itself at the Push of a Button

Edelkrone has made some clever camera accessories, from their self-locking tripod and rail-and-wheel-free camera slider to their programmable...


The Best Travel Gadgets to Make Your Next Trip More Comfortable

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a holiday, having the right travel gadgets on hand can...


Ayaneo Flip DS Brings the Dual-Screen Form Factor to PC Gaming Handhelds

It does seem like gaming handhelds will become a big category going forward, which is why we continue...


The Best PC Gaming Headsets for More Engaging and Immersive Gameplay

For most people, any good pair of headphones with an integrated mic is decent enough to let you...


DermaSensor Uses AI for Early Detection of Skin Cancers in Seconds

Nothing beats early detection when it comes to cancers, as it gives you the best chance of actually...


The Best Smart Light Bulbs to Bring Dynamic, Automated Lighting to Your Home

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional light bulbs. You screw them into a socket, turn on the switch,...


Shift Moonwalkers X Brings The Speedwalking Wearable to Commercial Facilities

Shift tried to convince people of the value of walking faster with the original Moonwalkers, which used motorized...


Celestron Origin Smart Telescope Lets You Cast Its Images to a TV, so the Whole Party Can Watch

Smart telescopes have made stargazing far easier than ever, allowing you to simply pick a celestial body you...


NasoCalm Promises to Treat Nasal Discomfort Using Electrical Impulses

There’s a significant number of people around the world who regularly deal with nasal discomfort, whether due to...


Figure’s Humanoid Robots Will Soon Join the Workforce in BMW’s South Carolina Plant

It was early last year when California-based robotics company Figure officially unveiled their general-purpose Figure 01 humanoid robot...


DJI Mic 2 Updates the Wireless Lapel Mic with 32-Bit Float Recording, Longer Battery Life, and More

While still best known as a drone company, DJI has long expanded into numerous products that help round...


Some of the Coolest Gadgets and Tech We Saw at CES 2024

Tech is the order of the day every year at CES and this year is no different, with...


The Best TVs and Monitors at CES 2024

Display tech has traditionally been one of the biggest categories at CES. It’s that time of the year...


Razer Project Esther Puts Rumble Vibrations on Your Gaming Chair

Feeling the rumble on a gaming controller is great for imparting some of the tactile sensations you’re supposed...


TCL NXTPAPER 14 Pro Tablet Turns Its OLED Screen into a Paper-Like Display

E-Ink has, pretty much, owned the e-paper space for the better part of two decades, with their panels...


Withings BeamO Combines Thermometer, Stethoscope, ECG, and Oximeter in One Compact Gadget

Withings has made a habit of gracing the CES floor with some clever health-based consumer tech devices. It...


Unistellar Odyssey Pro Brings Autofocus to the Smart Telescope, So You Can View Nearby Planets and Distant Stars Alike With No Manual Focusing

Unistellar produces some of the most impressive smart telescopes out there, making finding celestial bodies and aligning the...


Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is the iPhone Cameraman You Never Knew You Needed

Three years ago, Belkin introduced a motorized phone stand that swivels around to keep your face centered in...


Clicks Creator Keyboard Turns Your iPhone Into a Giant Blackberry

Capacitive touchscreens revolutionized the modern smartphone, completely changing the way people can use their mobile devices. As such,...


Doser DoseRX1 Pharmaceutical 3D Printer Can Produce Around 80% of All Medications Available Today

Since the first consumer-grade 3D printer came out, we’ve seen numerous attempts at applying the same technology for...

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