Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review (2024)

The Anker Soundcore Motion X500 is the latest addition to Soundcore’s ever-expanding Motion line of portable Bluetooth speakers with a bit more “oomph” to them. Having recently reviewed its smaller counterpart, the Motion 300, I was curious how much more the Motion X500 offers. So, let’s crank it up and dive in.

Editor’s note: this is the first version of the article. Updates will follow as the market changes.

About this Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review: We tested the Anker Soundcore Motion X500 over a period of one week. It ran firmware version 3.03, and the Soundcore app ran version 3.4.4. The company provided the unit for this review.

The Soundcore Motion X500 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that packs more of a punch. While it’s designed to survive the outdoors, it is also a great speaker for casual listening at home.

What’s it like to use the Anker Soundcore Motion X500?

Dave Carr / SoundGuysThe Motion X500's speakers are protected by a lightweight aluminum grill.

Unboxing the Motion X500 reveals its unique three-driver layout. Two drivers face forward, with the third directed upward. Its sleek yet rugged primarily metal finish make it a premium and well-constructed product. The casing, textured handle, and speaker grill are lightweight aluminum, keeping the Motion X500’s components well protected while keeping the whole thing portable.

The controls are found along a rubberized panel on top of the unit, and while I was disappointed to note the lack of a recessed power button like on the Motion 300, it powers up and connects quickly. In the middle of this control strip, you’ll find the third, upward-facing speaker with a customizable colored light behind it.

The only other rubber pieces integrated into the speaker’s design are a hefty tab covering the USB-C charge port (the Motion X500 boasts an IPX7 water-resistant rating) and, of course, a set of feet on the bottom. There are no cheap-feeling plastic pieces, which is great considering its reasonable price. Our test model sports the Black Deluxe finish, but it’s also available in Pink Punch and Glitzy Blue if that’s more your style.

How do you control the Anker Soundcore Motion X500?

The Motion X500 features an upward-firing driver in the middle of the control panel.

The Motion X500 is a breeze to use. The controls are located along the top of the speaker’s enclosure, and once powered up, the buttons are backlit and easy to find. You can also access various features through the Soundcore app, including play-pause, volume, EQ settings, firmware updates, and the brightness of the backlit controls. Most of the buttons on the speaker are single-function; below is a breakdown of how they operate.

Power onBluetooth buttonSwitch EQ modesVolume - Play / Pause / Multi-functionVolume +

One press

Power on

Power on

Bluetooth button

Bluetooth pairing mode

Switch EQ modes

Switch EQ modes

Volume -

Volume down

Play / Pause / Multi-function

Play / Pause / Answer / End Call

Volume +

Volume up

Two presses

Power onBluetooth buttonSwitch EQ modesVolume - Play / Pause / Multi-function

Next track

Volume +

Three presses

Power onBluetooth buttonSwitch EQ modesVolume - Play / Pause / Multi-function

Previous track

Volume +

Press and hold for 2 seconds

Power on

Power off

Bluetooth button

Enter / Exit TWS Pairing Mode

Switch EQ modesVolume - Play / Pause / Multi-function

Reject a call

Volume +

Should you use the app for the Anker Soundcore Motion X500?

Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review (3)

The Soundcore app allows you to change EQ settings and some of the Motion X500’s system settings.

Installing the Soundcore app lets you take full advantage of the Motion X500. However, I was surprised to find only three preset EQs available — Spatial Signature, Spatial Dynamic, and Soundcore Signature. Using the same Soundcore app with the Motion 300, you’re offered a much wider variety of presets to experiment with. Luckily, all Motion series speakers allow you to dive into the app and use the 9-Band graphic EQ. You’ll also find access to modify some of the speaker’s system settings.

The Soundcore Motion X500 connects to your source device via Bluetooth 5.3 with the usual steps.

  1. Press the power once to turn on the Motion X500
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on your device
  3. Press the Bluetooth pairing button on the speaker
  4. Select “Soundcore Motion X500”

What Bluetooth codecs does the Anker Soundcore Motion X500 support?

The Motion X500 connects quickly to your device via Bluetooth 5.3

With Bluetooth 5.3, the Motion X500 supports low-latency audio streams with LDAC and AAC codecs for high-quality audio. It also helps the speaker connect quickly to your device with an approximate connection range of 100m (328ft).

How long does the Anker Soundcore Motion X500’s battery last?

Anker states a 12-hour playback time with the Motion X500 at 50% volume. Our standardized battery tests are ongoing, so check back soon for our official results.

How does the Anker Soundcore Motion X500 sound?

The Motion X500 puts out impressive low end for a portable speaker. With the three-driver layout and 40 watts of stereo sound, you get a relatively full and immersive listening experience, considering its compact size. As mentioned, there are only three stock preset EQs to cycle through, which was initially disappointing, but you only need one.

The Spatial Dynamic EQ is the setting to get the party started. It kicks in the low-end frequencies missing from the Spatial Signature preset and adds the depth and dynamics you won’t hear using the Soundcore Classic setting.

Dave Carr / SoundGuysThe Motion X500 in 'Black Deluxe' finish.

Cranking up The Cult’s She Sells Sanctuary with the Spatial Dynamic mode engaged brought the driving bass guitar to life, not to mention making the housing vibrate at higher volumes. The distorted guitars remain clear, and the reverb on the snare stays present. You can’t quite turn it “up to 11” without the low end compromising the overall clarity, but there is plenty of usable volume.

Listening to Rush’s Limelight seals the deal. The bottom end from Geddy Lee’s Fender Jazz Bass is full and prominent. Neil Peart’s intricate drum fills come through loud and clear with a noticeable, pronounced attack, especially on the rack and lower floor toms. The cymbals remain bright, and the high-end details of Alex Lifeson’s modulated guitar tone can be easily heard.

It’s an easy choice when you cycle through the stock three presets. While the Soundcore Classic preset brings up the low end, unfortunately, it also significantly boosts the upper mids. The result is some rather harsh and overpowering guitar tones and a snare drum that is way too up-front. The Spatial Signature preset also leaves something to be desired. In the Soundcore app, this preset shows a boost in the low mid and high mid frequencies, but compared to Spatial Dynamic, it’s a little uninspiring and flat sounding for a preset with the term “spatial” in the name.

I was pretty happy sticking with Spatial Dynamic for my time with the Motion X500, and the upward-facing driver is a cool feature that really helps make this speaker sound bigger than it is.

Can you use the Anker Soundcore Motion X500 for phone calls?

The Motion X500 charges via USB-C.

With a simple press of the Play/Pause button, you can take and end a phone call thanks to the speaker’s built-in microphone. If your headphones aren’t always handy, the X500 can also make a nice audio addition to a FaceTime chat or Zoom meeting.

Should you buy the Anker Soundcore Motion X500?

The Motion X500 is ready for the outdoors with an IPX7 protection rating.

The Motion X500 is a great sounding unit$169.99 at Amazon and a nice step up from the smaller-sized portable Bluetooth speakers without going overboard in size. It can deliver the extra volume and low end you won’t find from its smaller counterpart, the Motion 300, and its shape is much more travel-friendly than its bigger sibling, the Motion X600.

Overall, the Motion X500 balances size and performance, offering a much wider stereo presentation than you might expect.

Anker Soundcore Motion X500

Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review (8)

Anker Soundcore Motion X500

MSRP: $169.99

What should you get instead of the Anker Soundcore Motion X500?

Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review (9)

Sara Carbone

Use the Charge 5 or a pair of Charge 5s to DJ your next beach party.

The JBL Charge 5$149 at Amazon is a popular alternative in the same price bracket. Smaller in size, it also has 40 watts of power and long battery life but only offers mono audio (unless you pair it with a second Charge 5) and limited EQ options if you like to tweak your settings. The Charge 5 also offers an IPX67 protection rating, including dust and water resistance.

With its cylindrical design, another portable speaker that aims to offer a more spatial and immersive listening experience with a good amount of bass is the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 $157 at Amazon. Along with 360-degree audio, it also features long battery life, IPX67, and customizable EQ, but does not have a microphone or aux input.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can connect two Motion x500 speakers and use them in stereo.

The Motion x500 does not have an aux input.

Yes, the Motion X500 has a microphone for taking phone calls.

Yes, the Motion X500 features an IPx7 water protection rating.


AnkerAnker Soundcore Motion X500Soundcore

Anker Soundcore Motion X500 review (2024)


Is soundcore actually good? ›

Sound quality, especially for its size and price, is surprisingly good. The Anker Soundcore doesn't just play music; it fills your shower with rich, clear sound that can rival more expensive models. It's like having a mini-concert in your bathroom.

How do I change the EQ settings on soundcore motion x500? ›

Press the EQ switch button repeatedly to switch EQ modes. Use devices powered by Android 8.0 or later to experience LDAC quality sound. In the soundcore app, tap the Settings icon > "Sound Mode" > "Preferred audio quality". It takes about 10 seconds to switch audio codecs.

Is soundcore Motion Plus worth it? ›

Soundcore Motion+ has an excellent design and build that can really help with the sound dispersion and nice stereo separation. I have played with the eq bands quite a lot and they are real eq. Motion+ is a champion in its size category by delivering great bass response and exceptional mids and highs

How loud is soundcore motion? ›

The Anker Soundcore Motion Plus is a fairly small speaker that's well-suited for outdoor use. It has a very long battery life, and it's rated IPX7 for water resistance, although we don't currently test for this. It can also get quite loud, though there are some compression artifacts at max volume.

Is Anker as good as JBL? ›

Side-by-Side Comparison

The JBL Flip 5 is a better speaker than the Anker Soundcore 2. The JBL has a more neutral, balanced sound profile, and it also comes with a companion app that makes it easy to pair it with another speaker. However, the Anker supports voice assistants, and it has a longer battery life.

Is soundcore owned by Amazon? ›

soundcore is part of the Anker Innovations' family of consumer brands. For more information, please visit Anker Innovations is a global leader in mobile charging and a developer of unique consumer products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment, and the emerging smart home space.

Is Soundcore a Chinese company? ›

Founded in 2011, Anker Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest global consumer electronics brand companies in China by revenue, focusing on the design, R&D and sales of smart accessories and smart hardware.

Why is Soundcore so good? ›

Still, starting from already impressive passive noise isolation without ANC, adding noise canceling and a touch of music pretty much wipes away the majority of ambient annoyances. Anker's Soundcore Space A40 offer performance, features, and design that makes them feel more like flagships than budget buds.

Is Soundcore better than AirPods? ›

The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Truly Wireless are better true wireless headphones than the Apple AirPods (2nd generation) Truly Wireless. Although the Apple feel better made, the Anker have a noticeably more neutral sound profile, and they pack a lot more accurate bass thanks to their closed-back design.

Why is my Anker Soundcore so quiet? ›

It could be because of the speaker's battery, the device connected with the speaker, the audio source, and so on. If your Soundcore 3's volume is too low, please try these steps: Confirm that Soundcore 3 is fully charged. Reset Soundcore 3 by holding the Bluetooth and Vol+ buttons at the same time for 5-10 seconds.

Why are my soundcore earbuds so quiet? ›

The quietness of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 earbuds can be caused by several factors, such as device settings, Bluetooth problems, audio jack issues, unknown reasons, software glitches, or even potential headphone damage. Fortunately, solutions are available to tackle each of these potential causes.

Does soundcore have good bass? ›

Pretty good bass extension for the size, pretty close to other great speakers of the same size. Out of the factory EQs, the Soundcore Signature is the best. Unlike other top ranked Soundcore speakers, turning on BassUp boosts upper bass and makes this one sound quite a bit muddy and overall worse.

Why is soundcore so good? ›

Still, starting from already impressive passive noise isolation without ANC, adding noise canceling and a touch of music pretty much wipes away the majority of ambient annoyances. Anker's Soundcore Space A40 offer performance, features, and design that makes them feel more like flagships than budget buds.

Is soundcore a Chinese company? ›

Founded in 2011, Anker Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest global consumer electronics brand companies in China by revenue, focusing on the design, R&D and sales of smart accessories and smart hardware.

Which is better soundcore or Sony? ›

In my detailed comparison, Sony wh-ch720n has a more mature sound. But the Space One has better Noise Cancellation. The ambient mode is more natural on the Sony. Soundcore looks fancy but Sony has a more professional look.

Are soundcore earbuds good or bad? ›

The product itself is good. Good battery life, decent sound quality. Until of course if it's falty then you're SOL. I experienced some crackling sounds and left earbuds doesn't charge properly untill you wiggle it.


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